Customised product solutions

The concept for a new product is often clear. But how does the customer get quickly and cost-effectively to a convincing and strong solution that is optimised for production?

Our strengths lie exactly in these tasks!


We are specialists in developing innovative solutions. Long-standing customer relationships prove the quality of the collaboration with the customer development teams from different industries.


The knowledge and experience of our specialists cover many topics:

  • Clear product character
  • Stability
  • Simple, ergonomic and service-friendly use
  • Optimised for production
  • Produced and documented with top quality

You get the know-how from us that you need.


We adapt our clearly structured engineering processes to the different needs of our customers.

We ensure a high level of development speed and quality with rigorous project management.


Our speciality is the rapid implementation of product ideas from prototypes, small series production to precise series delivery.


Our goal:     to progress quickly and professionally from the idea to the well-engineered product!


We also develop solutions for your project!

More information

For detailed information on our range of services, please contact our specialist at:


T +41 56 297 16 16

F +41 56 297 16 15