Customer-specific engineering


Our customers pursue very different objectives for their engineering projects. The projects/products also often have a past history:

  • A new product is in the planning stage?

  • An existing product is supposed to be modernised or optimised?
  • An existing product line is supposed to be expanded, standardised or rationalised?

Innovations in design, construction, logistics and manufacture are what is being sought after here! – This is exactly where we are the specialists!


We develop customised innovative solutions from sheet metal. In the process, we systematically think our way into these different tasks. We ensure a high level of development speed and quality with rigorous and structured project management.


SCHWARZ AG FEINBLECHTECHNIK rapidly develops cost-optimised solutions in interdisciplinary work teams (e.g., with designers, plastics, moulding, electrical specialists, etc.) and in collaboration with our production, welding, assembly and logistics experts.


Our goal:     to progress quickly and professionally from the idea to the well-engineered product!


We also develop solutions for your projects!

More information

For detailed information on our range of services, please contact our specialist at:


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