Lean production "cell casings"

The customer requires a very short delivery time for its project-specific control cabinet casings. We have therefore jointly simplified and standardised the order and processing logistics. We work paperless.


In the production cell, unmanned CNC stamping and automatic storing takes place at night and on weekends. The blank is then delivered via the automatic sheet metal storage system directly to the bending machine. After bending, spot welding of the metal fittings occurs and a great number of bolts are blasted on.


The casing parts go every Wednesday from SCHWARZ AG FEINBLECHTECHNIK order-ready to lacquering and from there directly to the customer.


By using the production cells, the capacity and space of the remaining production is not overburdened. This results in a very short delivery period for the project-specific deliveries of the casings.


Other large-surface cabinet and sheet metal parts are also manufactured for other customers in this production cell using the same process.



Well thought-out logistics - clear processes - rational production!

Work process:

  • Development
  • Production
  • Surface treatment
  • Assembly
  • Quality control
  • Logistics