Stryker Navigation - "Surgical navigation” cart

SCHWARZ AG FEINBLECHTECHNIK implemented another order from STRYKER Navigation, a subsidiary of STRYKER, the American medical technology group, for developing and manufacturing the cart for the new "Surgical Navigation Platform NAV3i". These carts are produced, assembled, tested and packed in our modern, specially equipped factory in Würenlingen. A comprehensive quality documentation commensurate to medical technology accompanies the development and production.


The engineers of SCHWARZ AG FEINBLECHTECHNIK were part of the development team of STRYKER Navigation and implemented innovative and practical ideas in record time and developed them for the production stage. Some challenges of the customer’s specifications were, among other things, fulfilling the applicable standards in the medical technology sector and meeting the requirements for design and serviceability. A high level of development speed and quality were achieved by our rigorous project management. Follow-up orders underscore the customer’s satisfaction.


The previous model, the cart for the NAV II platform, was developed and delivered by us for several years with the highest quality.



Successful products through partnership and identification with the customer!

Work process:

  • Development
  • Production
  • Surface treatment
  • Procurement of purchased parts
  • Assembly
  • Quality control
  • Logistics