CNC punching

Our two fully automated Trumpf punching machines process very complex parts with impressive productivity. The machines can punch, mould, mark and shape or form threads.


SCHWARZ AG FEINBLECHTECHNIK’s integrated and fully automated sheet metal storage system has 350 large format storage spaces and allows a high level of availability of a wide variety of raw materials. This reduces our delivery times.


The automatic tool changer ensures the uninterrupted use of over 200 standard and special tools and a set-up parallel to production time. Together with the automated loading and unloading functions, this optimised degree of automation makes it possible for SCHWARZ AG FEINBLECHTECHNIK to operate “24/7.” Completely punched semi-finished goods are stored in the automated high-bay warehouse and can later be removed specifically for follow-up operations


The high productivity is also based on IT-supported processes such as an automatically optimised processing preparation, material-saving parts nesting and data archiving with drawings index management.





Your specialists for sophisticated punching projects!


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