Spot welding

SCHWARZ AG FEINBLECHTECHNIK also performs all types of spot welding.


Spot welding (resistance welding) is used as an alternative everywhere where inert gas welding cannot usefully be applied.

Two workpieces are aligned with each other, fixed with electrodes and welded together using alternating current. The procedure is especially suitable when individual parts such as tabs, weld nuts, etc. have to be connected to supports. Complete housing structures can be precisely and efficiently produced using spot welding (occasionally with the help of jigs).


A wide variety of machines with different electrode forms allow for a versatile application of spot welding for both simple and complex welding tasks.


The quality is ensured by targeted breakaway checks, and the meticulous recording of each individual setup profile guarantees a reproducibility with a high level of product quality.


We would be happy to advise you about the possibilities of spot welding.


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