DIN EN 15085-2 (CL1) incl. design

The rail vehicle market with its high level of technical requirements is a strategically important part of business for SCHWARZ AG FEINBLECHTECHNIK. We therefore invested several years ago in the certification for the “Welding of Railway Vehicles and Vehicle Parts in Accordance with DIN EN 15085 (CL1).


SCHWARZ AG FEINBLECHTECHNIK is therefore qualified to perform welding work in a professional manner with steel, stainless steel and aluminium for the corresponding procedures.


The following welding procedures have been certified in accordance with SN EN ISO 15614:

  • TIG     (DIN EN ISO 4063-141)
  • MIG    (DIN EN ISO 4063-131)
  • MAG   (DIN EN ISO 4063-135)


The in-house welding supervisor is responsible for complying with the standards. All of the welded parts constructed according to DIN EN 15085 are expertly checked and recorded by the welding supervisor. In addition, the certified welders regularly undergo a welding test and are re-certified every 2 years by an external body.



Your specialists for the most sophisticated welding projects in railway technology!

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