Welding technology / welding processes

SCHWARZ AG FEINBLECHTECHNIK has state-of-the-art equipment, all of which is certified in accordance with ISO 3834-2 and the DIN EN 15085 CL1 railway standard. Benefit from our numerous options and experiences in the welding area – whether TIG, MIG or MAG.


We mainly process aluminium (approx. 40%), sheet steel (approx. 40%) and stainless steel (approx. 20%). We have 15 workstations available, which can also be used on a shift basis. We have extensive experience producing complex larger constructions efficiently and with the required quality.


In addition, we have a welding robot with a large rotary table that can be used with versatility for the TIG, MIG and MAG procedures.


We place great importance on professional optimally trained employees, universal devices and practical construction of jigs and fixtures. Cleanliness, comfortable air quality and economic workstations are important to us – we are proud of having one of the cleanest welding shops in Switzerland. Stop and by and see for yourself.


The in-house welding supervisor, who has been certified by an external specialist unit, guarantees a comprehensive welding quality that can be measured and recorded if necessary.



Your specialits for sophisticated welding projects!

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